How to Monetize a Food Blog (Even if You’re Starting From Scratch)

Sweetapolita—with its 300,000 and climbing Instagram following—might be known today for its festive sprinkles and deluxe boxed cake mixes, but in 2010 it started as a baking blog. 

After creating baking content on her blog for five years and publishing The Sweetapolita Bakebook, Rosie Alyea realized she felt a connection to sprinkles. She launched her first collection of Sprinkle Medleys on Etsy, and continued to develop her product catalog from there. 

Rosie took her passion for cakes and her entrepreneurial drive and built an entire business out of her food blog. And she’s only one of many success stories. People across the world have found the right ingredients to monetize their food blogs. From ebooks to cookbooks, meal plans to streamed cooking classes, we’ll explore the many ways to monetize a food blog as a business opportunity below.

How to set up a food blog

If you’re new to blogging in general, you’ll first need to select a platform and a domain for your blog. 

Choose a blogging platform

There are tons of platforms to choose from, like WordPress and Squarespace, each with their own pros and cons. 

Shopify is the best choice for ecommerce tie-ins, however, as it comes pre-baked with ecommerce functionality. If you decide to sell an ebook, seats to cooking classes, or a physical cookbook, for example, Shopify provides a simple and clean experience for your customers. 

The Sweetapolita blog is an example of what a food-centric blog can look like on Shopify. 

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